10 Steps We’re Taking This Summer to Keep Your Family and Our Staff Safe

10 Steps We’re Taking This Summer to Keep Your Family and Our Staff Safe

作为一个供暖和空气公司, 足球外围前十平台 has the honor to be an essential business during the COVID-19 pandemic. 这个荣誉, comes the responsibility of keeping our clients and staff members safe and ensuring that we don’t spread the virus. The nature of our business means that we must come to your home, 在大多数情况下, 我们必须到你家去.

During these visits, we want to keep you and your family safe along with our technicians. 在拉斯维加斯,夏天是出了名的热,甚至闷热. The only upside is that it’s a dry heat, and we have air conditioning. If you need maintenance and tune-up before summer arrives, we can help. 在夏天的几个月里, our technicians are ready to help with repairs and replacements to keep your air conditioner working properly.

Here are some steps, we’ve put in place this summer to keep your family and our staff safe.

1. 无纸化计费

在过去, we’d present you with a quote, you’d sign it, and we’d start work. 这句话不是写在纸上就是写在iPad上. However, both of these mediums will spread germs between you and our staff members. For this reason, we’ve moved to a paperless billing and invoicing system. You can now utilize an e-signature program to capture your approval of the estimate and work order from your laptop or personal tablet.

2. 面具

在传统空气, we know that there’s a lot of back and forth on the idea of wearing masks, but we’ve decided it’s essential to add this layer of protection for our customers and our staff. During their visit to your home, our technicians will always have a mask on. This includes times when they’re working alone and not interacting directly with you or other family members. 足球外围前十平台 provides its staff and technicians with masks for visits to customer’s homes.

3. 手套

As an additional layer of protection from the spread of germs, our technicians will wear gloves when they touch something in your home from the thermostat to the air conditioning unit. These gloves ensure that the technician doesn’t leave germs behind in your home, and it also ensures that our staff doesn’t leave with new germs. 每次我们进入一个新家, our technicians put on a fresh pair of gloves so that they aren’t transferring germs from one home to the next. 这有助于保证你和我们员工的安全.

4. 处理空气过滤器的新程序

足球外围前十平台里的空气滤清器可以吸附所有的灰尘, 碎片, and germs in your air before cooling it and returning it to your home. This makes it an especially dangerous item to pass germs to our technicians. 在可预见的将来, our technicians will remove the air filter and place it directly into a trash bag to remove it from the home with a lower chance of spreading germs.

5. 变焦会议

我们经常需要和员工开会. 有时, 这些会议是与个人的, 在其他时候, 我们全体员工都参加了这些会议. Instead of risking so many people meeting in one location, we have switched to Zoom meetings. Zoom allows us to meet with our employees from wherever we’re at. We can have a meeting about your air conditioner while the technician sits in his truck outside your home or from the comforts of his own home.

6. 部分交付

在过去, our technicians have come to the office or to a local warehouse to pick up parts needed for a repair. 当然, 这会让他们接触到各种各样的人, 并不是每个人都像我们一样采取预防措施. 我们决定停止这种做法. 前进, the parts needed for repairs and replacements will be delivered to the technician’s truck so that they only need to be around a single additional person.

7. 洗手液

Even though our technicians will be using gloves when they touch items in your home, we’ve made a bulk purchase of hand sanitizer from our uniform service. We’re going to make sure that each of our technicians has hand sanitizer on hand on their trucks. 我们鼓励员工经常使用洗手液. 也, our technicians will slather their hands with it before and after entering your home to kill any active germs.

8. 洗手

The importance of washing your hands has never been center stage until now. 在传统空气, we’ve created a new rule for our technicians and others who meet with the public. 我们的技术人员必须用热水彻底洗手, soapy water before and after each home visit or interaction with a client. We hope that this will help lessen the spread of germs and keep you and our technicians safe and healthy.

9. 带薪病假

We’ve put a new policy in place that if any of our employees become sick or show symptoms, 他们将呆在家里, 我们付给他们正常的工资. This keeps our staff from trying to tough it out so that they earn their paycheck. It also ensures that someone who is sick doesn’t spread it to other staff members. While none of our employees have tested positive, we’ll pay up to two quarantine if they do.

10. 空气净化器

改善空气质素,遏止细菌传播, we’ve installed air scrubbers on both the first and second floors of our building. This is to ensure the health and safety of our staff and any visitors to our offices. Air scrubbers catch not only the dirt, 碎片, and allergens; they also catch germs and trap them.

在传统空气, we take our responsibility to protect you and your family along with our staff seriously. 当你的足球外围前十平台出了问题, you can call us with complete confidence that we won’t bring unwanted germs and contagion into your home. 欲了解更多信息,请足球外围前十平台的办公室.